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Brutus Self Defense Key Chain

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Brutus is the only public safety bulldog keychain accessory that can be attached to keys or easily stowed away. Made of impact resistant ABS plastic, this keychain accessory is so strong it will give you the power of steel wrapped in a defenseless looking dog-shaped keychain accessory. Guard yourself against unwanted advances: put your fingers through the eyes of Brutus and watch the tips of his ears transform into pointed jabbers that will keep any attacker at bay. Available in several different colors. You can protect yourself in black, pink, purple, and neon yellow. Make Brutus your own personal guard dog today!

  • Fits on Key ring – Stylish Accessory
  • Great Detailed Design
  • Eye holes Fit Most Fingers
  • ABS Plastic – Impact Resistant Material
  • As Strong as Metal
Weight 0.2 lbs

Black, Pink, Purple, Yellow

1 review for Brutus Self Defense Key Chain

  1. Darcie Wilkerson

    A few of us in the office have one of these hanging from our key chains, purses, and lanyards. I have a bright yellow one myself. It kind of doubles as a key locator for me since the yellow really stands out. I run a small business and decided to purchase a few of these for us ladies here for some extra protection. We’ve had a few unsettling incidents with some characters as we head back to our cars and I knew it was time to step up our game. Better safe than sorry. This is more than just a fashion accessory. At first glance people think it’s just another key chain charm, but upon further observation it’s much more than that. These are light weight, fits right in the palm of our hands and our fingers fit through the eye holes with ease. After that, we’re all set and if some thug gets too close for comfort, then those cute ears on the dog go from bulldog to bull horns in the blink of an eye. The key chain is made of durable type of plastic. I’ve never heard of ABS plastic before but a quick search on the internet and turns out it’s durable enough to be used for the bodywork for a specific French vehicle, so I know that this lil’ doggy is going to be sticking around for a while.

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