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About Us

Who We Are

Stay Safe with our Self Defense and Security Products!


Our company, Self Defense and Security, was established in October of 2009 to offer a vast array of personal self-defense and home security products that focus on safety and security for you and your family.

David Pyrtle, the owner of Self Defense and Security, along with his family, has developed into a major distributor of TASERs, Stun Guns, Pepper Sprays, Personal Alarms, and Wireless Hidden Cameras.

We succeed in delivering a superior customer experience due to our commitment to customer service and our vast knowledge of which self-defense and security products to use from our store.

Self Defense and Security offer its customers fast delivery of unique products, of the highest quality, at the best prices.

Where is Self Defense and Security located?

We are ideally located in the heart of beautiful Jacksonville, FL. Our location affords us the ability to ship our quality products quickly and conveniently to anywhere in the continental United States.

Our physical address is:

Self Defense and Security

2120 Corporate Square Blvd. Ste. #1
Jacksonville, FL 32216

Telephone: 800-859-5566


personal-protection-devicesWhat is the Best Personal Safety Device?

Here at Self-Defense & Security, we select each product carefully, to ensure the best results. We make sure our personal security products will serve as protection against any danger life throws at you.

Our personal security products are tested to work against all kinds of attackers. We also provide inconspicuous products so you can carry it in public without raising concerns.

Rest assured that all of our products are suitable for your security needs. From products you can use on the go to those you can install at home – all of them have been created and proved to increase your security. Our self-defense products will buy you time to escape without causing lethal injuries to the attacker.

personal-security-productsWhat are the Types of Personal Protective Devices?

The following are some of the best personal defense equipment we offer:

Stun guns. One of the most popular self-defense equipment for sale, stun guns are designed to deliver a non-lethal electric shock to an attacker.

Tasers. These are similar to stun guns, but Tasers can be used at a distance since it ejects two prongs that deliver the electric shock.

Pepper spray. Pepper spray is one of our most popular personal protection devices. It irritates the eyes and causes temporary blindness so you can escape and attacker.

Batons & kubotans. Here at Self-Defense & Security, we offer telescoping batons and kubotans that extend to different lengths. They will inflict harm to an attacker when used in a whipping motion.

Self-defense keychains. We offer steel keychains with a firm grip and pointed but blunt tips. You can use it to injure an attacker or break glass to escape.

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