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Wildfire™ Pepper Spray With Belt Clip and Quick Release Key Chain

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Wildfire™ 1/2 oz Pepper Spray w/Quick Key Release Key Chain. The WILDFIRE™ PEPPER SPRAY is hot, hot, hot. The Major Capsaicinoids are the true heat measure, WildFire has the hottest on the market at 1.4% Major Capsaicinoids. In addition to causing an attacker pain, the WildFire 10% oleoresin capsicum formula swells the mucous membranes, which makes breathing difficult, and swells the veins in the eyes, causing the eyes to close. It’s made from 2,000,000 SHU’s of raw pepper and these effects can last up to 45 minutes and cause no permanent damage. It has a UV identifying dye to help aid in the identification of an attacker. Wildfire 1/2 oz. Pepper Spray has a range of 6-8 feet and comes with a quick release key chain and pocket clip. Each unit provides 6-10 one-second bursts and comes with a safety lock. 3 ⅝” x 1″

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1 review for Wildfire™ Pepper Spray With Belt Clip and Quick Release Key Chain

  1. Anna Franklin

    I have this hanging off my key rings as I type this. My mom got this for me and insisted I keep it with me at all times now that I’m out living on my own for a few months; not to mention having this little pepper spray helps her sleep easier at night too.
    It fits right on my keychain is fairly lightweight. I always keep my keys with me (a habit I’ve developed after one too many times of locking my keys in my car) so protection is just an arm’s reach away. It also has a quick release where I can pull this clean off from the rest of my keys locked and loaded. While this is ready for me to use at any given second, it does have a safety lock on it to prevent accidently spraying. I’ve gotten a light whiff of this type of stuff before and that alone left me a sneezy mess for a few minutes but I was looking up information regarding the major Capsaicinoids and oleoresin capsicum and just reading up how getting sprayed in the face with this stuff leaves me squirming in my seat. 45 minutes of pain, swelling and breathing difficulty, yikes! Makes my sneezing fit look like a walk in the park. This little thing packs a punch too. A thug just needs to be within 6 – 8 feet from me before I dish out a world of agony and I can do this 6 – 10 times over. Not only am I spraying out raw pain, but a UV dye as well which helps police identify any recently sprayed criminals. Would recommend getting one for yourself. Can never be too safe.

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