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Slider Stun Gun LED Flashlight USB Recharger

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Introducing the SLIDER! The miniature self defense stun gun flashlight! The size and appearance of a common flash drive! It’s compact and stunningly powerful. The SLIDER is slim and discreet, quick and handy, and drops an attacker to the ground in seconds! Simply slide the thumb-switch forward to activate. Release the thumb-switch and it retracts with ease.

  • 4.9 milliamps
  • 40 Million Volts
  • 3 ½” x 1” x 1/2″
  • Quick charging Mini-USB port (Conveniently charged from most cell phone chargers)
  • 80 Lumen LED flashlight
  • Highest quality aircraft aluminum
  • Includes charger, charging cord, and wrist strap.
Weight 0.35 lbs

Black, Blue, Gold, Pink, Silver

1 review for Slider Stun Gun LED Flashlight USB Recharger

  1. Thea Mcgill

    My best friend got me this stun gun. It’s so small and slender, I almost mistook it for a pack of winterfresh gun (she got me the blue one). After a closer look, I was very mistaken but this tiny size definitely gives this stun gun its advantages. I can hide this in a lot of places, from my pant pockets, a tiny clutch purse I use on my nights out, or just keep in hidden in my bare hand. Its flashlight comes in real handy too when I come home late at night and the porch light just so happened to have burned out that evening. One thing I really like about this stun gun is that it’s rechargeable and if I happen to lose the original charging cable, I can just replace it with any other mini-USB charging cord. It’s also reassuring to always have protection on me. It may be little, but that can lead to assumptions that only lead to my benefit and they’ll never see the nasty 40 million volts surprise this thing holds. When it comes to the stunning feature, it’s super easy to use as all I have to do is slide the middle button up, it causes the tip to stick out and it activates the stun gun. Quick and easy and could save a life.

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