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Mace® Pepper Gel Night Defender MK-III With Light

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MACE® PEPPER GEL NIGHT DEFENDER has a built-in bright LED Light (33 lux at 1m). The light activates when the cap is lifted. When you hold the unit in the ready position, with your thumb placed on the actuator the light illuminates the area. This model is great for indoors or outdoors at night, or areas with low-light. It contains 45 grams and sprays up to 10 to 20 short bursts with an effective range of up to 18 feet.

Weight 0.4 lbs

1 review for Mace® Pepper Gel Night Defender MK-III With Light

  1. Greg Hastings

    I’ve been issuing this model of pepper spray to my employees for a while now. I run a storage unit and like to make sure everyone is well guarded especially during the later shifts. We’ve had all kind of incidents in the past from attempted burglaries, crazy exes trying to get into units, and even people breaking into their own unpaid units. Any of these scenarios can be dangerous so I make sure safety is priority one.
    What I really like about this particular spray is that it has a LED light right there on the nozzle. We do have our flashlights too, but when you have your spray and light wrapped into one product, it keeps a hand free; especially if that hand needs to be used to radio back for help. We had used a different pepper spray a few months prior to switching over to this model and a few times in the past, my coworkers have accidentally set off the sprays, which is dangerous to themselves and any poor soul close by. We’ve had a sharp drop of accidental sprayings now with this model though since you will have to lift a cap first before setting it off, which is also how you activate the light. You can’t be too safe this stuff like this.
    You get your money’s worth too with how many sprays you get out of this can – a whopping 10 to 20 bursts yet still compact enough to fit in in pocket and side pouches. My guys can stay a safe 18 feet away from any potential threat too. A fascinating feature of this pepper spray is that it includes a UV dye in it that police can use to identify assailants too. I’m pretty happy with this purchase and would recommend keeping a can on hand even for you evening joggers or for a nightly dog walk.

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