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1080P HD Dash Camera and Built in DVR

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The super high definition 1080P Dash Camera with built in DVR and 2.31 inch LCD screen is super easy to operate one touch recording with crisp clear recording quality. It doesn?t help when you have a camera that records with a grainy and blurry image. The HD Dash Camera has a high performance HD chip so the video and picture quality are very clear. The camera has 170° viewing angle and can be operated by the internal battery which will last about 2 days on parking mode. Parking mode is a feature that looks after your car while you are away. When you are away from your car and your car is hit or moved the camera will start to automatically record for 30 seconds. It takes about 3 hours to fully charge. You can plug the unit into the cigarette lighter to charge the battery and use while the car is running. When the camera is plugged into the cigarette lighter in the car and the engine starts the camera will automatically turn on and start recording. It has a built in microphone and records audio. The camera comes with a suction cup mount for the windshield. The HD dash camera DVR has the ability to record over old footage or stop recording when SD card is full. The DVR comes with a 32GB micro SD card which will record over 6 hours video footage in H.264 format. It comes with a USB cable so you can easily download the footage to your computer for viewing and storing video footage. It also has a mini HDMI out port for viewing on an HDMI TV. The 2.31 inch LCD screen allows you to make menu adjustments, playback, and see what the camera is seeing.

  • Camera: HD 1080P 30fps
  • HDMI output
  • Built in Lithium rechargeable battery
  • 3.0 Mega pixels, HD high quality resolution
  • 170° ultra-wide angle lens
  • Motion detection function
  • 30 frames per second for smooth video flow
  • Loop recording or will stop when storage is full
  • Display screen: 2.31″ LCD
  • Video format: AVI
Weight 0.7 lbs

1 review for 1080P HD Dash Camera and Built in DVR

  1. Andrew MacGavin

    Just having a car itself is expensive. You got your insurance, car repairs, gas, and possibly car payments, so I always look for little tidbits on how to save on money anyway I can. One friend suggested I get a dash cam which had more benefits than I was expecting for such an affordable price.
    For example, a few weeks ago, I had some guy pass me in an intersection (which is already dangerous enough) with hardly any room to spare and we then had to come to quick stop which left me no time to react and we ended up in a fender bender. Luckily with the dash cam rolling, it got me out of a ticket and him placing an insurance claim on me.
    Aside from collecting evidence regarding traffic hazards, it also provides a sense of security when it comes to burglaries. I can leave this camera in my car for two days before I need to recharge it (it only takes 3 hours to fully charge) but during those two days, if there’s any activity happening, it’ll detect the vibration or bumps to your vehicle and the camera will kick in and start recording up to 30 seconds. Thankfully, I haven’t had any break-ins, but I did catch my frat boy neighbors sitting on my car a few times.
    It’s really easy to install this in your car as you just have a pick a spot on your dash stick it on windshield using the suction cup. Don’t even need to remove the camera from my dash to charge it, since you can just use the cigarette lighter plug. Thanks to the 32GB memory card, I can record up to around 6 hours of footage, including audio! When eventually you do need to review the video footage, you got three options. You can view your footage on the 2.31 inch screen on the camera itself, plug this gizmo right into your computer using the USB cable and view it in its 1080pm glory but if I really want to go all out, I can even view the footage on my 55” TV thanks to the HDMI cable.

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