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How Does A WIFI Security Camera Work?

Those days where you had to build a strong linear fence around your property to add an extra layer of security are long gone. Things are always changing, and security has been revolutionized in the process, including the mere definition of security itself.

In today’s day in age, we are talking about security cameras, not just the common ones but wireless security cameras which, can provide an additional security profile without any hassle and being super cost-effective for their installation and maintenance. Before we go into the working mechanism of a WIFI security camera, let us have a clear-cut understanding of the differences between a wired and wireless security camera.

Wired vs. Wireless Security Camera

A wired security camera only provides a limited assessment of the security feature surrounding your home. You should have complete preparations like wired electrical connections with the camera, along with another video/audio cable and a viewing screen such as TV or computer for the best functioning.

Whereas a wireless security camera provides you with a plethora of possibilities, instead of transmitting the video signal over wired connections, it uses the internet or other wireless networks such as WIFI or cloud for viewing the video wirelessly along with other security options. With a WIFI security camera, the limitations are endless, and you can have your whole house monitored like a fort without ever worrying about losing the point of contact.

Working Principles of a Wireless Security Camera

A wireless security camera can turn out to be the best security feature for having your house guarded and updated against security risks at a continuous rate. They can provide their services in the following manners:

• Can work as a motion detector

• Offers the best wireless technology available today

• Provides the user with scheduled recordings

• Remote viewing of video recordings

• Automatic cloud storage

When moving on to the working principle of these wireless security cameras, the primary mechanism remains the same which, is the use of a radio or some other wireless waves for transmission of the video to the specified channel.

When a Wireless security camera is turned on and allowed to record the video, the video is then transmitted using the radio (RF) transmitter. A specific receiver which can be a computer or server is in connection with the wireless camera through WIFI, Bluetooth, or other wireless networks. The IP address of a camera is saved against the receiver receiving the footage when that camera sends radio signals containing the live video feed, that footage is stored on the built-in storage device or cloud storage, depending upon the type you are using.

The next thing is to turn on the feed over your monitor or linked computer and watch for yourself the live video feed. Or if you want the feed to be stored for later use, then you can have a link saved to the storage device from where you can access all your images or video clips against a specific time stamp.

Benefits of a Wireless Security Camera

Some of you might think that WIFI security cameras might not be an ultimate fit for maintaining security on a personal level, because it might add an extra cost to your budget. But, before you turn down the opportunity of securing your home, and business with a WIFI security camera, have a look at the benefits this technology provides:

• This technology does not include cables which, means no bulky equipment is going to be installed at your home, only the most sophisticated and advanced wireless technology.

• Very few needs for maintenance, as most parts are controlled through wireless technology

• One-time investment, all the technological assets will be fitted only one time with a wireless security camera. Once they are installed, there is no need for a replacement for more extended periods of a wireless security camera, and you don’t have to spend on them monthly unless of course, the need for repair arises.

• You can have the wireless security camera video footage available over any screen you have for the time being, just by entering a few security details for your WIFI security camera.

The limitations are endless, and the advantages are abundant, rest assured you are not going to find a more accurate and cost-effective technological asset for the security of your home and property. Have a few wireless security cameras placed today and give yourself the pleasure of being safe and secure at home.

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